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Choosing the Perfect Pavers

Outdoor living spaces, driveways and walkways can all be greatly improved with the addition of pavers, no matter what they currently look like. Pavers can make an impactful difference on the appearance of just about everything from pool decks to walkways and outdoor dining areas to porches. The look is described as elegant and sophisticated, and most assuredly high-end. While making the decision to choose the most beautiful, high-end material is simple, it’s not always in the budget for many homeowners and business owners. For that reason, you should know how to choose the right paver material that correlates with both your overall vision and your budget. We have a few wonderful suggestions that will help you do just that. Of course, we can’t help the indecisive, but we can give you more options to find yourself indecisive about.


Concrete is one of the least expensive paver materials you can buy, which is precisely what makes it one of the most popular. This particular material is anywhere from $1 to $12 per square foot, and it can be easily molded and installed. You can also have the concrete colored so that it matches your décor. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that it can be inlayed and changed so that it takes on any number of appearances, making it look like anything you want it to look like and nothing like concrete when the project is complete.  


Not only is sandstone one of the more appealing options when it comes to choosing a great paver material, it’s also one that has some great features. It’s affordable; the average cost of sandstone is anywhere between $3 and $11 per square foot. The material is easy to work with, easy to install and it comes in a bevy of color options that you can match to your other décor. This material is designed to make your outdoor landscape look high-end and upscale, but without the cost of some of the other more expensive paver options.


Who doesn’t love granite? It’s the material we most choose to use in our homes on countertops throughout the house. It’s also one that’s expensive, so this is not an option for as many homeowners being that the price ranges anywhere from $8 to $20 per square foot. It’s been designed so that it is not easy to work with outdoors but if you hire out, this is not a problem you will have to contend with. Additionally, this is a wonderful material that will withstand just about all types of weather. The color choices you have are numerous, as well.


If you can find the more affordable pieces, you can do this project for as little as $4 per square foot. If you can’t, however, the price for limestone could be as high as $20 per square foot. Much of the price issue with this paver material is due to the fact that it’s not an easy material to find, and it often has to be located and shipped. This is often what drives up the price. However, it’s very easy to work with, but you are limited to a small selection of colors, which might make this material something you just can’t have. Additionally, it’s very susceptible to acid rain; it doesn’t happen often, but it can destroy your pavers if it does.