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How Landscape Lighting Can Make Your Home Look More Beautiful and Safe Throughout the Year

Landscape lighting is not for the faint of heart. It’s a project that requires an eye for design, and understanding of proper lighting and the motivation to get the job done the right way – the first time. You might be thinking, “I can do this myself. I don’t need a professional to install a few lights around you landscaping,” but you really do. Unless you’re experienced doing this type of thing, it’ll be obvious that you did it yourself without professional help. Not only does landscape lighting look far better when it’s done professionally, it’s also less expensive this way.

Yes, DIYers, we’re talking to you. You can DIY all day long and usually show some success in a project, but this is not the project to start with on your own if you’ve never done it before. What you want in a landscape lighting design company is years of experience working with landscape design, including your landscape lighting needs. It’s imperative to find the right lighting and design so that your home and your landscaping is highlighted and always feels safer. What you should have is a team of dedicated professionals to help you create the look you want at home; with a perfect marriage of beauty and safety as their specialty.  

Why Use Landscape Lighting

You could walk into the local home improvement store and pick up a few solar lights for next to nothing to provide a little exterior light at home. You can do this with ease, but you don’t want to. For one, solar lights are easily removable and anyone can take them, hide them and darken your house at night without your knowledge. Additionally, solar lights don’t work unless they are powered by the sun. If it’s a rainy, nasty week outside and the sun never shines, your lights could turn off at any time. Furthermore, they are not made with very durable materials, so they rarely hold up well when harsh weather conditions are around.

Landscape lighting is designed to help enhance the appearance of your home. It helps to brighten it up and make it look more appealing, but it also offers a type of safety measure for homeowners. The simple fact of the matter is that those with poor intentions are far less likely to target your home when it’s lit up and bright. It’s more likely that the neighbors might see them creeping through your yard in the middle of the night. It’s more likely that a criminal will bypass your house because they will be very obvious to anyone who drives by at night.

It's safer to have landscape lighting than it is not to have it, and that’s why we recommend it more than anything. Of course, we think that you need outdoor lighting for reasons other than safety; but it helps. It also helps to understand the difference between regular lighting and up-lighting. What looks good on one house might not work well with your house thanks to your current landscaping and other factors, which is why a professional landscape lighting company will work to create a comprehensive design that works with the style and design of your home, your lighting needs and your budget.

The Beauty of Landscape Lighting

Imagine pulling up to someone’s home after dark for dinner or an event. Their front porch light is on, but that’s about it and you cannot see a thing. How much more appealing is it to get out of the car when there is landscape lighting illuminating the path to the front door? You’re more confident in where you are walking, you’re more confident that a stranger isn’t hiding in the bushes lying in wait for you to walk by their dark hiding place, and it just makes the home look lovelier.

Soft fixtures with no glare are perfect for walkway lighting to lead to the front door. This kind of illumination might seem like an unimportant concept, but it can drastically change the look of your home in the evening making it appear more elegant and beautiful. Additionally, using up-lighting can create a very dramatic effect in the evenings. By lighting windows, solid walls and even tree trunks and other foliage, you can create an elegant appearance at night, making your home appear more aesthetically pleasing and more enjoyable.

While landscape lighting isn’t something you see on the many lists of things that add value to a home that you might eventually sell, you can safely assume buyers are going to appreciate having it. It is not, after all, uncommon for buyers to check out homes after work in the evenings when the lights go on; and it might enhance their opinion of your home.

What Professionals Offer

What a professional landscape design company with lighting expertise might offer in terms of landscape lighting is simple; knowledge and experience. What many homeowners fail to realize is that outdoor lighting is much different than indoor lighting. The wiring alone is far more complicated, and it can cause a homeowner to require extensive repairs if it is not done correctly. For that reason alone, we suggest hiring a professional with electrical experience and the knowledge to run lines and wires in outdoor conditions.

Any good landscape design company worth anything will guarantee their work. They will be there for you from day one to the very end making sure that every step of the way you are happy with the services being offered to you. It’s why we recommend a professional who focuses on customer satisfaction; it makes the job better from start to finish.

Questions to Ask

It is highly recommended that you to ask questions before you hire any professional landscape design company to do any landscaping. You know now how landscape lighting enhances the overall look of your home and how it adds to the safety of your home and you’re convinced it’s what you need. Now you have to find a company that can do it for you, and we have a nice list of questions to ask.

  •   How long have you been in business?
  •   Have you installed landscape lighting in the past?
  •   Do you have photos of recent work you’ve done with clients who are satisfied with your work?
  •   Do you have any references we can call to ask about your service and your work?
  •   Do you have insurance for your business?
  •   How long does the design process take?
  •   Do I get any creative say in the process?
  •   How long does the installation process take?
  •   What happens if there is an issue with the design?
  •   Does your company provide maintenance on my system when it is complete?

Landscape lighting is lovely, it makes your home safer, and it’s going to make home that much more magical. When it comes to landscape lighting, your satisfaction is most important. Be sure you work with someone who can easily meet your expectations and your needs, and that you are satisfied beyond words with the work that has been done for you.