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The Most Important Questions to Ask before Hiring a Professional Mowing Service

One of the simplest, easiest and most amazing ways to keep your lawn looking fresh and lovely is to maintain freshly cut grass. When the grass is neatly trimmed and manicured, it does wonders for your yard. It helps to keep the lawn looking as good as possible, and that only adds to the overall value of your curb appeal and the rest of your landscaping. The moment you allow your yard to become overgrown after skipping a mow, however, you change everything. Your law will go from looking lovely to looking overgrown and sloppy. It’s one of the most common and most frequent mistakes that homeowners make when attempting to upkeep their curb appeal.

And it’s not anyone’s fault and no blame should be placed. We understand that time, life, family and other activities get in the way of ensuring that your lawn is always neatly mowed. It’s not easy to fit in a mow in between everything else that you have to do in life, and that’s why it’s so easy to let it fall to the wayside with a cavalier, “I’ll just move that to tomorrow’s list of things to do,” and bypass the fact that it really does need to be done today. That’s where professional mowing services come in handy. You will know, without a doubt, that your lawn will be mowed on specified days every week and that it will never be ignored or fall to the bottom of a much more important list of to-dos. But before you hiring just anyone to mow your lawn, we encourage you to ask five very important questions of prospective companies so that you can ensure you will receive the best possible service and lawn care.

What are Your Prices?

The most important question you will ask of any prospective lawn care service is about pricing. You cannot hire someone who does not charge appropriately, or that you cannot afford. There are many different considerations you’re going to need to make when considering the price of your lawn, too, which will mean having some information available to provide to prospective companies. For example, those hired to mow your lawn will need to know the size, what type of grass you have and if you have extensive landscaping. This all matters significantly because it can affect the price of your lawn care.

Additionally, the frequency with which you want your lawn mowed will also affect the price you pay. Most people prefer to have their lawns mowed once every week, but others would rather it happen every four or five days to maintain the best possible length. You’ll want to speak to your lawn care service to discuss details of this matter.

Do You Maintain a Schedule?

The next most important question to ask is about schedule. You will want to know whether or not the mowing service has a set schedule or if you create your own. For example, some companies might only service your particular neighborhood on specific days. You’ll want to know what those days are and if they come to the area more often if you’re looking for more frequent services. You might also ask if the company uses the same people to mow your lawn every time or if you can expect a number of different people in and out of your yard.

It’s also important to ask this question so that you can ensure your lawn is cleared on these days. Do you have kids that like to play outside and have many toys? If so, you’ll need to know what days your lawn will be maintained so that you can have those toys picked up and removed from your lawn before the service arrives. Many services simply mow around anything in the yard as it is not their responsibility to clean your personal belongings off the lawn for their equipment.

Do You Provide Other Services as Well?

Are you in the market for a mowing service that only mow, or do you want additional services? For example, would you prefer your mowing service also trims your hedges on a monthly basis when they begin to look a little overgrown, or would you prefer they simply mow the lawn and keep it at that? Would you like them to fertilize your lawn or throw down seed when needed? You need to ask the company what services they provide so that you know what you have as an option and how you will maintain your yard on your own – or if you even have to. Many homeowners prefer a company that does it all so that they never have to worry about anything but a lovely lawn.

What Chemicals, if any, do You Use on My Lawn?

To prevent weeds and pests from destroying your lawn, many companies will use chemicals, pesticides and other products to maintain a healthy lawn. You’re going want to know what, if any, your company plans on using. These chemicals can affect more than just the environment, which is why it’s important to ask. For example, they could affect your pets and their ability to be outside for a few hours after the lawn care company has been around. It could also affect small children than come into contact with the chemicals.

You might just be someone who would rather not have chemicals used in your lawn, and that’s why it becomes so imperative that you ask about the services provided and how you will maintain proper lawn care for your own home.

What Happens if We Have Issues Between Services?

There are times in which your lawn might need more frequent care. Perhaps there is a sudden outbreak of some sort of pest that decides to use your grass as lunch and you need to have that taken care of between services. Perhaps the rain has been extraordinary and your grass has grown twice as much in half the time. Perhaps you’ve planned a party and would like to have your guests in a freshly mowed lawn and your yard looking perfect. Whatever you need or want, you need to know if your company offers additional services between scheduled visits, what they charge and how much notice they need to handle any issues that might arise in this time frame.