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What to Expect from a Reputable Lawn Care Company

First impressions are made in less than 5 seconds, and they are not easily changed. That’s why so many people in the world choose what they will wear with such precision and care, how they will decorate their homes, and even the font they will use to advertise their business. What many people fail to consider is that it’s not just their location, their looks or the type of home or building in which they live that gives people their first impression. It’s also the condition of your lawn and yard. Great lawn care can make a significant difference when it comes to the opinion people form. What they think of you might be directly related to how they view your home. It doesn’t often matter what’s on the inside if the outside is a mess – especially when it comes to selling your home, buying a home and keeping up to date with the requirements of your homeowner’s association. If you are looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of your yard, consider hiring a lawn care service. But before you do, know that there are certain expectations you should have from your lawn care company.

What They do is Up to You

A lawn care company does not have the final say in what happens to your lawn. Many people don’t realize this and end up unhappy with the final product. A good lawn care company is going to come to your home or business, assess your needs and ask you what you envision. They won’t trim hedges you don’t want trimmed or do anything else you are not interested in having them do. Additionally, while they might make suggestions to you about what should be done to make your home or office look just a little bit more appealing, they will only act on that if it is what you envision. A good lawn care company is here to ensure that you are getting what you want – even if they have ideas that differ from yours.

A Written Estimate

Something you can and should expect from a reputable lawn care company such as ours is a written estimate for the work you would like done to your yard. Be wary of lawn care companies that are not interested in coming to your location to take an up close and personal look at your lawn and your needs. This is a company that might very well be more interested in making a profit than actually doing what you need, as a reputable company will certainly look around to see what needs doing to provide you with what you need. A lawn care estimate is impossible to give if you don’t know how involved the work will be.

A Contract

A good lawn care service is going to be happy to provide you with a contract for services rendered. This is a document designed to protect not only you, but the company as well. This document will tell you what you should expect, what you need and how you can ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. While not all companies provide this, you will certainly be able to tell whether or not a company is reputable based on other factors in addition to this one when it comes to being provided  written estimate.