Certified Unilock Installer

Every so often you come across a product that eclipses the rest with its sheer ability and its quality. UniLock is one of those products, and our company is now a proud distributor and authorized dealer of Unilock products. When choosing manufacturers to feature in our business, we want to ensure we are dealing only with the best of the best. Our customer’s deserve the best, and we strive to provide that for them. Unilock is a business that’s been family-owned and operated for more than 40 years. Throughout the years the product that grown, it has changed and it has improved; but one thing remains the same at all times. Unilock believes in quality and in making the best possible product for customers.

Paving stones and retaining walls are more popular than ever in American homes, and Unilock makes the best product. Not only does the company work hard to ensure that their customers are more than just satisfied with their product, they also work hard to ensure that the product is created in an environment that is clean, safe and only chooses authorized installers with the highest quality of standards in the business.

Does Unilock Allow Any Hardscape Contractor to Install Their Products?

The short answer is no.  Unilock has a strict application and review process to make sure only hardscape contractors of the highest standards install their products.  They know that their product and warranty is only as strong as the craftsman that install it.  It is for this reason that A Great Choice Lawn Care and Landscaping was chosen as the only Unilock installer in the Binghamton and Ithaca region within a 40 mile radius.

What Unilock Provides

Quality is not a standard with Unilock; it’s the standard. Every item that is created in the Unilock facility is made to the highest standards in quality, ensuring that it will not disappoint those who use it. Each Unilock product is durable, it’s made with colorfast pigment, it’s made to handle gas spills, oil spills and moisture. Each item is slip-resistant so that you are always safe, and salt erosion will not damage or alter any Unilock products.

Strong, quality and lasting materials are the only ones that come through the doors of these facilities, and that’s why Unilock is something we are excited to provide to our clients.

Where Can I Use Unilock Products?

If using quality materials designed to last a lifetime does sound a bit appealing to you, you should know that Unilock is great for most everything you need it for in your next hardscaping job.

  •   Edging
  •   Entrances
  •   Walkways
  •   Driveways
  •   Patios
  •   Sidewalks
  •   Pool decks
  •   Planters
  •   Steps
  •   Pillars
  •   Retaining walls
  •   More

Unilock products are great for anything hardscape you want to incorporate into your home. There is nothing that we cannot create for you using these quality items, and that makes our job that much easier knowing your satisfaction is inevitable with these products.

Our company is a firm believer that a job well done should be the job done the first time around. With ample experience, we do not believe in hardscaping anyone’s home or office with work that is less than high quality. Because we do believe in quality work, we also believe that the materials we use on any job should be just as high-quality as the work we do.

Our company does not bother installing products that do not create long term value for our customers. We want to ensure our customers will enjoy their outdoor living space years and decades after their project is complete.  Whether we are creating all new hardscape for a customer or repairing the work done by someone else without such high quality standards, Unilock is one of our go-to products. Designed to last a lifetime, we know that using these items makes it easier for us to satisfy you with our work.

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If you’re looking for a new fire pit or retaining wall, or you want to improve the look of your home with a new walkway or drive, call now. We have the experience necessary to work with any project big or small. From start to finish, our team focuses only on you project and does not take time away from yours to work on another. Our work is better than the rest because we provide you with the kind of attention to detail that makes a difference in the long run. Our team is happy to schedule a time to discuss your hardscape needs so that we can go over what it is you want, how to make it work and what will make the most positive difference to your home or office. Our team is excited to work with you.



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